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Since 1981 Udopea has been in Bremen. Founded by Ede primary as a pure Headshop.
All along Udopea has been one of a kind. Previously you could found chillums, bongs, pipes and long papers only on festivals or in several india shops. Ede had clear conceptions of a Headshop. It has to bee modern and well-assorted.
A Headshop with products of high quality, which should chiefly conduce the smoker with the special taste.
That we have remained true till now and that is what our customers like :)

Behind the counter are helpful and competent employees and they like to advice the customers. Even our trainees are well versed and they give their best.
In the showcases of the counter you can find a wide range of digital scales, which are immediately calibrated befor purchase.
Who search for tasty blunts, papers or filtertips can get an overview of our assortment at the board.
For a superb and if desired diversified odor in your own four walls we stock a lot of joss sticks. Of course the suitable holders along with it.
The boys and girls behind the counter surely have always a good advice for you and can help you with your choice.

A wide range of bongs is really important for us, because we want the appropriate device for each customer. We offer among others bongs of the brands: Weed Star, Roor, Magic Glass und Black Leaf.
Various sizes, different cuts and bongs with more or less smoke volume, be sure there is the right bong for you, too.
Among glass bongs you can get acrylic- and metal bongs, as well, in different variations. Of course you can also find pre coolers, filter insets and special bongs in our showcases.
In our shop we have trademark bongs for attractive offerings and if you have chosen the one you like, you get the suitable sieve to it, you buy your bong ready for smoke, so to say. After buying a bong you can register all the relevant sizes and cuts in the Udopea Bong-pass. So you can always buy the suitable spare parts.

From day one we have a wide range of papers and even today you go to Udopea, if you are searching for fancy thing. As regards to papers we actually offer everything available on today's market.
Blunts or transparent papers but also natural, unbleached and of course papers out of hemp.
who thinks papers are only made of carton, schould definitely be consulted and suprised by us.

Pipes are really manifold, in its design and especially in the material they are made of. Started with all the different kinds of wood, there are glasspipes, pipes out of metal and plastic, meerschaum mipes, steatite pipes and many others.
In our shop you can find everything your heart desires. Our employees give an account of the amenities of the various materials, so you find the suitable pipe for you.
Enjoy the plant smoke traditionally or maybe with the practical and innovative High-End Pipes, which offer a lot of interesting features.

The light is one of the most important factors for the growth of a plant.
Plants don't get sunlight when growing in closed rooms, so it has to be vicarious by artificial light.
We help you with pleasure to assemble the right equipment for your growroom.
Which illuminant is most suitable? Which reflector gets me the best results? We give our attention to such and other questions and like to explain it step by step.

Unfortunately plants are quickly and unperceivedly infested with parasites, if you don't mind and protect your plants.
We have a large assortment of plant protection products, but the amount is not the essential thing. You need to know the right thing in the different situations.
Our employees know what to do in case of diseases or infestation and also how to protect them at the outset.
Due the estate of their plant protection pass they are entitled to sell plant protection products, which coincidentally testifies of knowledge.
We know what we sell and advice you with pleasure, so your plants get well again or they not even become diseased.

The substrate, the basis of your plants, is also available in our shop. In different amounts you can find among others soil, cocos, rock wool and foamed clay, how you need it. With the suitable plant pots you are well-equipped.
Of course we also stock many substrates, like jiffies and growth blocks, for the cultivation start.

The choice of the convenient fertilizer, which not only vitalize and hardy your plant but also profit-yielding, is not easy. We offer a wide range, because there are at least just as many fertilizers on the market as there are ways to cultivate.
But you don't have to make the choice on your own, we helb you to achieve the best results with your plants.
The same attention, like the one of the right choice, you should pay to the corect usage. with different measuring devices you can determine the pH- and the EC-value, of course we also offer the current regulators, so your substrate has the right basis.