What is a grinder?
The grinder, or crusher, is, roughly speaking, a small gadget that consists of at least two parts. Namely, two nesting shells, which have several teeth or tips in the interior and are rotated. Inside it, the grass is placed and crushed by rubbing. This makes the grinder a simple, clean and practical solution for refining cannabis and herbs and preparing them for smoking. Cannabis that has been grinded, burns and evaporates more evenly, as it increases the usable surface area for the buds to burn more evenly. The even flavor results in a more pleasant smoking experience.


What else can you find a use for?
Grinders are not only suitable for herbs and cannabis, they are also great for chopping tobacco. Not only to roll your own cigarettes, but especially to make smoking pipes easier. Especially for thick slices, this is a real alternative to cutting or loosening tobacco by hand.
But the grinder does not have to be used exclusively for smoking. Especially they are suitable to use for the preparation of spices for dishes.

Our selection
We have 3 different types of grinders. Natural/wood, plastic and aluminum grinders.


Wooden grinder
Grinders made of wood have a beautiful structure. The pleasant feeling in the hand makes it not only the shape but also the material itself. The wood conducts heat poorly, and retains a constant heat. Thus, it does not get hot in the sunlight and cold in the winter like an aluminum grinder.

The pins that are placed inside a wooden grinder follow different design principles. Some are flat and symmetrically placed in the grinder. Ours are cylindrical with rounded tips that rather crush the material, than to cut it. Both methods work well, as the arrangement of the steel pins is optimized for this use.

It is important that the grinder is cleaned immediately afterwards to prevent resinous components from sticking. Especially on the grinding teeth or on the sometimes uneven surface of the natural material. Regular cleaning prevents a more intensive and time-consuming cleaning later.


Plastic grinder
Consisting of plastic, grinders are not only sturdy and cheap but also practical and easy to use. Therefore, grinders made of acrylic are a popular choice among many customers.

There are no boundaries to creativity. Grinder manufacturers can add any colors and funny shapes to their products. Many grinders have been made with shapes resembling a golf ball, a smiley face or a cookie. In addition to unusual designs, other acrylic grinders stand out because of their transparency, from other grinders. So you can look inside the grinder and watch how the herbs are crushed.

Due to its low price, it is good for traveling or as a replacement. The plastic grinder has teeth on the grinding wheel that are also made of plastic. Over time, the teeth can wear down due to dirt or firmer material and cause the grinder to not work as well.

Since the grinder is made of plastic and has a simple design, cleaning is the easiest. Plant and resin residues are easier to clean than other grinders.


Aluminum Grinder
When it comes to getting the maximum yield out of the crushed material, an aluminum grinder is an absolute must-have. The special feature of a 4-piece aluminum grinder is that it has a fine sieve and an integrated collection container inside the grinder. This allows the fallen resin crystals to be collected individually in the pollen compartment and used for enjoyment.

This is not waste that can no longer be used for smoking or incense, but a mixture of very concentrated pollen and resin. Depending on the herbs used, it may not be easy to get the sticky mixture out of the collection container and sieve. Therefore, a good tip is to put the entire grinder in the freezer for half an hour, after which it is much easier to scrape out the Crystals.

When these crystals are collected in the pollen compartment, this can be used in many ways - it is possible to smoke the tobacco mixture or use it for culinary purposes. However, this skuff can not be smoked individually, because it burns very quickly. However, it is perfect as a herbal concentrate for tobacco and smoking blends.