Hubey Smoking Pipes

Pipes are probably the most elegant way to enjoy his herb.
The handmade pipes from hubey are absolute individual pieces, made from selected and high-quality raw materials.

Absolutely high class briar was used for the predominantly puristically designed pipes.

The tuberous briar roots have been used to make pipes since about the beginning of the 19th century.
After harvesting, the wood is deacidified, dried for several months and then processed. Its structural features make the briar wood ideal for pipes.

The porosity ensures that the wood is able to absorb the condensates produced during smoking. In addition, the hard surface can be smoothed and polished well.

Particularly noteworthy is the heat resistance of briar wood. No other wood is as fire-resistant as the briar.

In contrast to the classic tobacco pipes have the hubey pipes smaller heads and are provided with a sieve.

The mouthpieces are "handcut" and made of ebonite, a particularly hard rubber made of natural rubber and sulfur.

During the manufacture of the pipes, the color and grain of the wood come to the fore after each processing step, until finally, perfect, unique pieces such as the handmade hubey pipes are created.

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