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Customer account - guest account - self-collector - letter-order
Principally sensitive data like your address, telephone number, account data, goods- and sales movement and suchlike are only transferred SSL scrambled at any order type. And of course your goods are packaged entirely discreet and unobtrusive.

Customer account

Of course you have a lot of advantages, if you log in as a customer, especially as for comfort and clarity:
  • You only have to quote your data once at the registration.

  • You can choose between different delivery addresses.

  • In your customer account you can have a look at all of your previous orders and also track the latest status.

  • You get a tracking number by which you can observe your package online.

  • In addition you can add your comments to every product and impart others of your opinion and experience, whereby you surely are absolute anonymous.

Guest account

You want to order absolutely safe and your data should be deleted?

In this case the guest account is the right order type for you. After your order had been completed your customer account is deleted immediately, your data are saved only one week on our server, if the goods are not accepted or sent back. From that point on your data also disappear from the server, your address, your mail address, your telephone number, your account data and even the tracking number - everything is deleted.

The only thing that stays are comments you write at the order. So take care you do not write personal data in the commentary field.

However with the next order you have to quote your data again.


You can also pick up your goods by yourself. We pack up everything in the UDOPEA headquarters in Bremen. You come and collect it, pay cash at the till and get a receipt. This order type is an option, that you can choose during the order process as a customer or guest. In case you decide as a guest to pick up your goods by yourself you leave next to nothing of your data.