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Shipping costs

Discreet shipping

  • Our return address is always Udo-Versand.
  • The delivery option "do not deliver to the neighbor" is a basic setting. If you, nevertheless, want the parcel to be delivered to your neighbor, just inform us about it.
  • Of course your order will be delivered in a neutral packaging.
    However much we would like to recycle, we still do not use the imprinted cartons of our subcontractors.
  • The enclosed invoice does not contain any recipient data. By request, we gladly sent you your invoice as a PDF file including your recipient data.
    Distributors still get their invoice including their recipient data.

The forwarding charges will be calculated automatically at the end of your order transaction. For all those, who want to be informed right away, here are some important details:

General information about our offers and prices

The stated prices in Euro (EUR) include the official VAT (payable inside the EU), plus forwarding expenses (see chart below). The purchase price is mature in its entirety when your order is delivered.

  • Our offers are nonbinding
  • Prices and technical concern are subjects to alteration
  • Product images (e.g. online catalogue) are solely for illustration and do not commit us to deliver accurately to picture and dimensions

Payment options - Pay the way you like!
You have the choice between following payment options

  • Cash on delivery (COD) (only available from an order value of 30€ upward)
  • Prepayment (bank transfer)
  • Self-collect, of course you can choose between credit card and cash.

Delivery - Forwarding by Deutsche Post (DHL), while stocks last

No minimum order value

Delivery time  -  Our customers compliment UDOPEA on our promptness!
We will deliver your order as prompt as possible, usually on the next workday. Since we cannot guarantee that in every case, the delivery definitely takes place within 5 days, like it is stated in the information obligation.

Of course, self-collectors do not pay any shipping costs.
UDOPEA bears the packaging costs for you.

The delivery charges within Germany amount to:

Up to 3kg = 4,50 € using prepayment plus 4,00 € via COD service per parcel
Up to 30kg = 6,00 € using prepayment plus 4,00 € via COD service per parcel
Each additional begun 30kg = +6,00 € using prepayment and +10,00 € via COD service

Bulky goods                      price     +27,00 EUR (in addition to the package price)

Highest measure of bulky goods *
Rectangular block shape: up to length 200cm,
up to girth (= length + 2x width + 2x height) 360cm
Barrel shape: up to length 200cm,
up to Ø 60 cm, length plus measured perimeter together up to 360cm

* The payment option cash on delivery is only available from an order value of 30€ upward

Please consider, that if you order via cash on delivery, the Deutsche Post AG charges an additional 2,00 EUR per parcel, directly from you. The exact total sum has to be ready, then.

* Should it be possible to ship several bulky goods together, of course we will credit the surplus shipping costs

Calculation of shipping costs within Germany
The shipping costs are calculated from the weight of the goods and the amount of parcels the goods are assigned to.
The maximum weight of a parcel is 30kg. Should the ordered goods exceed that weight, the order is divided over several parcels.

Total weight of the order 63kg = 3 parcels at 21kg = shipping costs 18,00€

We reserve the possibility to deliver part-orders, as far as it is reasonable for you as our customer. Even with part-delivery you only pay the shipping costs once, of course.

Foreign Forwarding Expenses:
Here you find a chart together with a sample calculation for your information. Your final shipping costs will be calculated automatically and displayed at the end of your order transaction.

In case there are further questions about supply and forwarding expenses, please contact us:

Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 16.30pm
Mail: mail[a]

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The owner of the respective page is solely liable for illegal, faulty, or incomplete contents.

The shipping calculation can only be used, if the basket is not empty.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.