Algae aglime

Algae aglime as soil corrector
Algae aglime is one of the best soil activators, nature has to offer. Algae aglime not only regulates the substrates pH value but also enriches them with valuable minerals, which has got a positive effect on the soils microorganisms.

Treating soil and substrates with algae aglime
If you want to have strong, sturdy plants, a good substrate is necessary. A regular refreshment of the soil is important.

So, why get new soil every year?!
To say nothing of the disposal of valuable resources, it is not only expensive but also entails a lot of haulage. Old soil must be disposed, new soil provided. 

Smart, who just uses the old substrate instead! Since that can be perfectly corrected with algae aglime.

General information
Algae aglime are the finely grind deposits of red algae (Lithothamnium Calcareum) and therefore a completely biological substance.

The natural fertilizer has got many positive aspects:

  • algae aglime can be applied all-season
  • it bonds acid and therefore raises the soils pH value
  • algae aglime provides your plants with all necessary trace elements and valuable macronutrients that are easily available; prevents signs of iodine and selenium deficiency
  • the activity of microorganisms and therefore the soil venting is improved
  • the fertilizer promotes a fine, crumby soil structure
  • aglime supports the breakdown of nutrients
  • algae aglime raises the taste of fruits and herbs

In that way, algae aglime prevents an insidious soil acidification respectively reduces acidic soil conditions.

Algae aglime promotes the substrates water and air storage capacity, promotes the soils ventilation, aerates it and improves the crumb structure and the water and air storage capacity. That reduces the dangers of capping and leads to a quick warming of the soil in spring.
In a natural way this fertilizer activates the microorganisms and through their enhanced activity the soil is warmed faster what promotes the growth of microorganisms and thus of the plants.

Nutritional supply
It does not matter wether you buy it or mix it yourself; new nutrients have to be added to the potting soil every season. Here you take the organic long-term fertilizer like Bat-Guano and worm humus, algae aglime undertakes the care of the soil conditions. It is mixed added to the soil, too.

Do not use algae aglime for forest plants and plants that prefer soil with acidic pH value. Ericaceous plants like rhododendrons and e.g. hydrangea and azalea. Foxglove, ferns and most rugosa roses do like aglime just as little as raspberries and blackberries do.

Heavy feeders that need plenty of sun, e.g. most vegetables but also lawn should be limed regularly. It would be helpful to determine the pH value based on soil samples. Moss formation is a sign of acidic soil.

Environmental compatibility
The removal of  Litothamnium Calcareum does not contribute to the decimation of sensitive coral reefs and is unlike coral calcium no animal metabolite and it is completely vegan.

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