Y-piece from metal, Ø 20/20/20cm

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For the expert branching of hoses with 16cm diameter.

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For the stable branching of hoses.

On the pictures you can see, which way you have to insert a y-piece on a tube fan. Well don't ask why, but both ends of the Y have to be connected with a aeration hose. In order to this you first of all mount the adequate transition clutch, in case the diameter of te hose doesn't match the diameter of  the y-piece. Transition cutches from large to small (and vice-versa) are available on our pages, too. You mount the transition clutch using a connector. The connectors, too, are available in different diameters, for they have to match perfectly. They are important to keep the air from escaping at the interfaces of the system. Of course we sell these connectors as well. You will need another one to connect the y-piece with the tube fan. Enclose this interface with a tight connector as well.
After that you pull an end of the hose over the transition clutch (IF you're using one, otherwise you pull it right over the y-piece). You have to fix the hose as well, of course. First to make it not slip, second to grant the efford of the tube fan. The best way of fixing the hose is to use a  adjustable hose clamp. This fits on many different diameters. We sell hose clamps as well.
Well, you're repeating this with the second outflow on the y-piece and so the aeration can take place.

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