Rockwool-Cultivation-start and Cloning-kit

Complete set for cultivating cuttings under artificial light in a propagator.

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This set for cultivating seeds and cuttings (cloning) offers all neccessary basic components for a successfull and efficient cultivation start.
The hubey indoor plant propagator is composed of a stable seed tray and a cover and provides enough space for seeds and scions. For the creation of new cuttings two sharp and sterile scalpells are delivered to make a clean cut. To offer those newly won plants the needed nutrients for a healthy root development, we send to you Cutting Edge Rooting Gel. This is a natural root agent and can be used for the cultivation of all kinds of plants. To give your cuttings a safe halt as well as a neutral growing medium, you can place them inside the clone blocks. Before you place them inside the hubey propagator, make sure to use some pearlites as a drainage layer.
The cultivation start set also includes an LED-lamp that can be connected to the timer. That way you ensure to spend enough light during the day for your cuttings according to their individual needs.

Udopea Breeding Diary (GER)

This sheet helps you to interpret breeding results properly.

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