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Professional Cutting Cultivation Kit

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Extensive professional plant cultivation kit including propagator, heating mat, lighting armature and accessories.

Suited for 84 cuttings

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This Professional Cuttings Cultivation Kit offers all neccessary basic components for a successfull and efficient cultivation start. For the creation of new cuttings two sharp and sterile scalpells are delivered to make a clean cut. To offer those newly won plants the needed nutrients for a healthy root development, we send to you a tube of Cutting Edge Rooting Gel. This is a natural root agent and can be used for the cultivation of all kinds of plants. To provide your cuttings with a neutral growing medium in the propagator, you can place them inside the pots of the plant tray. Before you place them inside the propagator, make sure to use some pearlites as a drainage layer.
In order to make your plants grow faster and healthier, we include a bottle of Canna Rhizotonic (root stimulator) and another bottle with Fast Plants Spray in the delivery. The latter is used as a leaf foliar spray to diminish deficiency syndromes as well as to enhance the stress tolerance.

The Professional Cuttings Cultivation Kit also includes a ready to use Pugrow lighting armature that can be connected to the timer. That way you ensure to spend enough light during the day for your cuttings according to their individual needs.
Additionally you receive a Romberg Heating mat. This is used to keep the temperature constantly warm, which is important for cuttings. A mini thermo-/ hygrometer, whose sensor can be placed in the propagator to monitor the climate within will be delivered, too.

Suited for the cultivation of 84 cuttings

On our download-sides you will find an exemplary rich illustrated instruction-pdf  that shows you, how you can cultivate your scions.

Udopea Breeding Diary (GER):
This sheet is a little helper to interpret breeding results properly.

Udopea Breeding Diary (GER)

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