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Behold our products in action.

For some of our products we offer these videos wherein certain items are specified, testet and showcased. This way, you are able to observe how these products look when they are actually used, you can judge their functionality and decide, if they are the right items for you to purchase.

From time to time there will come more videos. You can find additionally videos in our YouTube channel. There we are offering even more informative and funny clips, e.g interviews, animations or reports about events and trade fairs.

Please note that we are only able to provide you primarily with material in German.

> Deep Inline Pipe
> Guide to build – Holländer with butterfly motif
> Guide to build – Filtertip with Weed motif
> SmokeStick
> T-Pipe Titanium Pipe

> Homebox Ambient Vista Triangle
> Pump installation
> Assembly of a  Starlight 4.7 transport system
> Ebb and Flow Table

Deep Inline Pipe


The Deep Inline Pipe by Weed-Star may be pretty to look at, but what else can she do? How is it to smoke this pipe and is it really an actual pipe or a bong instead?

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Homebox Ambient Vista Triangle


Here we are showing you how the Homebox Ambient Vista Triangle is assembled and comment on the advantages regarding the new look and functions of the new Homebox Ambient series.

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Guide to build – Holländer with butterfly motif


We had an expert show to us how to build your own Holländer (sport cigarette). As a small highlight he builds us a butterfly at the end of the Holländer.

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Pump installation


This video serves as a construction manual to show you how to connect your immersible pump correctly to an irrigation system.

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  Guide to build Filtertip with Weed motif


There are various sorts of filtertips: conical filtertips, filtertips with charcoal or foamed material filters and many more... This video shows you, how to build your own individual filtertip.

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Assembly of a Starlight 4.7 transport system


Hubey took a free afternoon to show you, how to properly install your Starlight transport system for plant lighting armatures.

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Here we introduce to you SmokeSticks made of  tropical timber.

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Ebb and Flow Table


This video shows you, how your ebb and flow table is properly installed and what equipment you need to use it accurately.

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T-Pipe Titanium Pipe


There are many metal pipes; the T-pipe though consist of metal, that is especially well suited for creating pipes. Just see for yourself and learn in addition, simple ways of cleaning metal pipes.

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