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Product Dropdown modular

Here at Udopea you have now the chance to arrange your own grow-sets all by yourself. This page
explains plain and simple, how this exactly works. 
If you want to arrange your own or alter the composition of an already configurated set, you have, prior to that, to choose a set, which resembles your ideas of the products power and price range.

The easiest way is to choose an already existend set out of the
default-area, which are allocated as prototype-sets.
Then you have two possibilities to alter the sets composition:
Either you replace the listed items with those you favor out of the
dropdown area, or you deselect items you don´t want to appear in your set.
Choose an alternative item

When you have selected a prototype set, you can replace every single element the set consists of (if you wanna do that) with those items you prefer:

Place the mouse cursor over the item you are going to replace.
Next to the article description you will find a small
arrowhead (resembling a triangle). Click on that symbol.

Now a dropdown menue will open, which suggests a list of different items you can choose from.
Some of those lists are a bit longer, so that a little
navigation bar will appear at the right side.

To select a certain item, you only have to click on it.


Deselect item

You already own some of the proposed items or don´t want to order a product of a certain category?
In that case you have the possibility to deselect one or more items.

Scroll to the bar, that contains the item you want to deselect.
Click the arrowhead, that opens the dropdown menue with the alternative products.
Scroll all the way up.
On top of the dropdown menue, the button “no product selected” will appear. Click that button.
Now instead of a product the text “no product selected” should be displayed as well a price of 0.00€ for this category of the configurator.

If that´s not the case, check out if you really managed to hit that button.
Adjusting item quantity

Once you have selected the items you want to appear in your set, you can adjust the quantity of those products.
Just type the number of items you want to order into the white box next to the product description.

To provide you with a better overview over your whole shopping, you can find next to the white box the single items price as well as the sum, that increases with a higher number of pieces.
That way, you won´t need to proove your calculation skills. :D
Place your order

If you have finally chosen the products you want as welll as adjusted their quantity, you can make your set-order official.
Therefore, you have to scroll down the website. At the lower part, you can see the sub-total plus the entire amount. Below those, you will find a grey-colored button with a shopping cart icon. The moment you click that icon your arranged set will be “parked” in your shopping cart.*

If you are going to finish the transaction, go to your shopping cart page and click the button “checkout”.
Now you only have to choose your favored mode of shipment and payment.
At last confirm your order.
The order will be dealt with, if you followed every single step right to this point.

Now you can lay back and get some rest as we do the work!

*Of course you can also use the shopping cart icon on the top of the page, But with the help of the lower one, you can keep a better eye on your entire amount. :)