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This preallocations serve as a basis for your Grow-Set.
What are the preallocations good for?

The preallocations are assembled to the best of our knowledge and from our experience, to provide you a reliable basic for your Grow-Set and to make it easier for you to get a compilation. If you already know, what your set should look like, as for the wattage or the scope, you choose the preallocation fitting to your considerations. So it facilitates the first step of the compilation of your set, especially, if you have not jet the sort of know-how. If you are contented with the set, you can add it directly to your shopping cart, but of course you have the possibility, to modify the set by means of the product-dropdown individually according to your wishes.

This preallocation contains the equipment, which you minimally need for the indoor plant cultivation, with no frills or further tools.


Everything you need to enable your plants a successful cultivation, contains this set.


With this set you are well provided, in terms of the equipment for an optimal plant cultivation.