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You have assembled a set, but you have doubts whether your selection is coherent?
So you can involve us or your friends to obtain other opinions.
Generate a link

After you had assembled your Grow-Set, you have the possibility to generate a link with you selection. This link allows you to share your compilation with other people.
To generate the link, just scroll down to the end of the configuration area. Here you can find the button "Generate a link with your selection". When you click on that button, the link with your personal compilation appears in the field beside.
Let your set be checked by your friends

Now you can send this generated link to your friends. They can form an opinion and amend your compilation to their knowledge. Out of this new set your friends can also generate a link and send it back to you. So they don't bustle around in your selection, but assemble a new set to your preallocation. Several people can be involved in the completion of your perfect set without hanging around together.
Ask Udopea

You want to be secured in the decision of your compilation? Ask us! Just send us your generated link. We get a good look at your set and if necessary we send a new link to you, which encloses our suggested changes.

You can contact us via mail:

And via Facebook:

Post your set

To let your set be surveyed and assessed just by several people, of course you can post your generated link in any social network.
Collect comments and likes and whatch, what other people think of your compilation.