Neopren net-pot covering, round, Ø ca. 5cm

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As brilliant as it is simple: Protection against algae accumulation.

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The most ingenious things are the most simple ones, those, where you stand in front of, shaking your head and asking yourself, why not half of mankind thought of it one hundred years already before.
Well neoprene is not THAT old, but it is still a fact: The neoprene net-pot covering is simply ingenious.
Because clone blocks and substrates very easily become green from algae, when they are set under strong light for such a long time. That's also a matter of the high humidity. The neopren covering is protecting the substrate from light, without taking the light away from the scion, that desperately needs it!
Algae don't accrete without light, they don't even occur - and that's the hole thing. Just pose the placket in the pad around the little plant and place the pad right on top of the net-pot.
The material is very resistant against water, so you can use one pad several times.

Its diameter of ca.5cm fits perfectly on our net-pots for scions. These net-pots are used very often in the propagators we offer and in the Dutch Pot Aero.


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