Maxtractor Ice bags Extractor bags 3,8l,25µ, 73µ, 190µ

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Three ice bags with different mesh size for extracting plant material.

Volume: 3,8l each
Thickness: 1 x 190µ, 1 x 73µ, 1 x 25µ
Height: approx. 31 cm
Diameter: approx. 17

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With Maxtractor Ice Bags, you'll get the best and purest resin extraction results.
Plant material is often contaminated or mixed with disturbing substances such as stems and leaves. These are stopped by the sieves and only the smallest parts of plants are extracted.
The procedure is very simple, only a few aids are needed:

- 2 buckets
- 1 hand mixer
- ice cubes
- water
- a spatula or spoon

Flowers and petals are placed in a bucket of very cold water and ice cubes are added. The cold causes resin glands to solidify, making them easy to sieve out.
Stir for 10-30 minutes with a mixer, then refrigerate for 15-30 minutes, add ice and mix again. The colder the better!

Then place the sieve bag with the coarsest sieve (190µ) in a fresh bucket. Drain the water with plant paste until it is green and frothy. Then remove the sieve with the plant mass, which can still be used for a second round. Put the other sieve bag (s) in turn - the finest one first in a new bucket, then the next larger one, etc. Slowly fill in the green water from the 1st bucket and let it run through the bag (s). In the bags, a brown-green mud remains behind. The finer the sieve, the stronger the extract.
Gradually remove the sieves and lightly squeeze into the bucket with the remaining sieves. Repeat until you reach the last sieve. There is now a green-brown mass, our extract. Now also push the water out of this sieve. Finally, you can "dry" even more water from the outside with a cotton towel. Scrape the extract off the sieve with a spatula or spoon and allow to dry. Have fun!

The extractor bags each have a volume of 3.8l, the coarse sieve has a thickness of 190µ, the finer 73µ and the finest 25µ. The finer the sieve is, the less plant parts will come out in the end, but the result is even stronger.

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