HESI Pack Indoor-Outdoor for Soil, 4 pieces

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The Hesi Pack Soil is composed of these products:

1x 250ml TNT Complex (growth)
1x 250ml Bloom Complex (flower)
1x 250ml Phosphorus Plus (flower booster)
1x 100ml Hesi Boost (flower promoter)

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The Hesi Pack Soil is a starter kit, especially conceived for beginner or for small gardens.
It is suitable for the plant breeding on soil, indoors as well as outdoors and contains all important nutrients that are necessary for a fertile yield.

To support the plants vegetative growth, Hesi TNT Complex is used during the first weeks. This is superseded by Hesi Bloom Complex, as soon as the blossom begins.
The flower formation and the frutification are additionally supported by the supplements Hesi Phosphorus Plus and Hesi Boost. This ensures a higher yield.

The Hesi Pack Soil contains these products:

1x 250ml Hesi TNT Complex
The TNT Complex by Hesi is a full-value fertilizer for the maintenance of growing plants on soil. It is enriched with vital substances, especially selected for the growth. Plants that are fertilized with TNT Complex will build strong sprouts and show a healthy green color.
Dosage: 50ml / 10 liters of water

1x 250ml Hesi Bloom Complex
The Bloom Complex by Hesi is an enriched fertilizer for the sustenance of plants during their blossom. Beside valuable complex-building chelates it additionally contains a ph-correction. They improve the root medium as well as the plant itself and ensure, that all nutrients stay exploitable for the plants.
When half of the blossom is up, the fertilization with Bloom Complex is supported by Hesi Phosphorus Plus.
Dosage: 50ml / 10 liters of water

1x 250ml Hesi Phosphorus Plus
On the peal level of the bloom plants will produce a big amount of "luxus"-molecules (bloom enzymes and hormones and the beloved resins), that let grow the demand of phosphorus and potassium.
With phosphorus-plus the higher demand of phosphorus and potassium will be covered.
Dosage: 25ml / 10 liters of water

1x 100ml Hesi Boost
Hesi Boost is a flowering accelerator as well as a nutrition for leaves all in one. It doesn´t only increase the concentration of leaves and the bloom, but also supports and boosts the development of fructose inside buds which leads to better taste and greater harvesting results.
It should be given once in the beginning of the flowering for stimulating the blossom and later during the advanced flowering a maximum of 1 to 2 times per week.
Dosage: 20ml / 10 liters of water

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