Foldable Thermo-/Hygrometer

Shows the actual temperature and humidity.

Measurement: ca. 56 x 18 x 63 mm

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This small practical device displays the temperature as well as the air humidity. The lid at the back can be pulled backwards,so it can be used as a base. The standardized color of the device is black.

Measurements: ca. 56 x 18 x 63 mm

Compared to other digital models, you may have to do further adjustments for the humidity control panel so it will display the exact results. In the following description you will learn, how to adjust the hygrometer all by yourself.

For those who have no time or don´t feel like reading the description now, click at this link to download this short PDF manual.

How to adjust an analogous hygrometer

You can calibrate analogous hygrometers by wrapping them with a moist, not soaked, cloth. If the hygrometer doesn´t show 95-98% after an hour has past, just adjust this with the help of the little screw at the devices back, and - bang!- you´ve already finished your calibrating!

Another method is more complicated, but more accurate and can be used as "two-point calibration" or even instead of the first method.
For this procedure, the so-called "salt method", you need an exact and constant room temperature between 19° und 21°C!
Take an ordinary 5-Liter-bucket and fill it with water, so that it rises to approx. 0.5 cm in the tub. Now you have to prepare a saturated salt solution. That means, you have to put salt as much into the water and start quirling it, until it won´t dissolve anymore. The solution is saturated, when the salt undissolved falls to the ground. Now you take a cup, mug or glass and put it uside down into the solution. Then you take your hygrometer and put it on top. Afterwards, you have to close the bucket with he help of clingfilm.

If the room temperature ain´t constant you can spare yourself the effort!! Within the next 3-4 hours, it mustn´t change - this is  absolutely necessary, because then and ONLY then there will be exactly 75% humidity inside the bucket.
Now the only thing left to do is to check, if your hygrometer needs anymore adjustment. If you need to adjust the device further, you´ll only have 10 seconds after you remove the clingfilm to to so. Otherwise the humidity has changed so intense, that you have to start the procedure all over again.

Calibration of an analogous hygrometer (DE)

Calibration of an analogous hygrometer (EN)

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