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Battery Act Notices

The hubey GmbH is according to statutory provisions affiliated to a licensed Dual System and solely uses registered sale packagings.

Energy saving lamps as well as fluorescent lamps are gas discharge lamps and do NOT belong in the household waste. They contain hazardous substances (e.g. mercury) and have to be disposed of as special waste. Appropriate recycling depots can be found nationwide all over Germany. The disposal for end-users is principally free of charge.

In case you are sending us your old used illuminants, we undertake the disposal for you.

hubey GmbH
Nikolaus-Otto-Straße 7
28816 Stuhr

Batteries are not allowed to be disposed of in household waste. End-user (consumer) are legally obliged to dispose of batteries and rechargeable batteries in a technically correct manner. Therefore you can leave your old batteries free of charge at public collecting points of your community, where you can buy batteries as well. You can also send your used batteries back to us to the following address:

hubey GmbH
Nikolaus-Otto-Straße 7
28816 Stuhr

We will dispose of them for you free of charge in a professional manner. Batteries containing hazardous substances are marked with a certain symbol, that comprises a crossed out trash can and a chemical symbol (Cd, Hg or Pb). The latter specifies the classification of the hazardous heavy metal.

The trash can symbol implies: batteries and rechargeable batteries are not allowed to be disposed of in household waste.

The letters underneath the trash can symbol represent:

Pb: Battery contains Lead

Cd: Battery contains Cadmium

Hg: Battery contains Mercury