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About us

Since 1981 we have favoured the human race with smokers supply for the special taste.
The year is 20XX.
Germany bundles its whole retail landscape into monotonous shopping centres, where the customers are conned out of all there money by unaware and unschooled staff.

- Whole Germany? -
- No -

One store, defied against all upholder of moral standards, in the hanseatic town Bremen, let itself neither stipulate its range of products nor its approach to it.
Life is not all guns and roses for the UDOPEAner.
Day in, day out the qualified personnel of UDOPEA tilt at windmills of incredulity by the customers, in spite of its infinite specialised knowledge.
The customers are glad to be bulkily advised by the keen salespersons of UDOPEA and they are left in disbelief of the apprentices, which ungrudgingly store the goods in there cars.